Welcome to Waiouru

The Desert Oasis - Altitude 792 metres

Gateway to Adventure


As well as being a focal point for the New Zealand Army,

Waiouru is home to a self contained community and a number of local businesses.


The idea that Waiouru is a bleak, cold, barren and rudimentary Army Base is a mistaken notion of the early war years.


No longer is it simply a staging post for food and fuel.

Waiouru is a pleasant stopover on the Central Plateau that provides tangible scenery and a wide range of recreational, social, cultural and sporting benefits.


So, whether you are relocating to the area, just passing through or stopping en route, we hope you will find this website both informative and helpful in planning your stay.


We look forward to meeting you.


*The name Waiouru is derived from “Te-Wahi-Oru-Nga-Tangata” which translates into:  “The Place which all must pass through.”